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Otto Klostermann GmbH is your strong and innovative partner for sheet metal forming and processing.

Otto Klostermann GmbH

Otto Klostermann GmbH is a family-owned company that was founded as a blacksmith’s shop by Otto Klostermann in 1848. In 1945, the company was taken over by Raymund Klostermann, and already in 1969 it was extended by Raymund Klostermann and moved to the new location Merklinderstraße 5 in Castrop-Rauxel. As a result, more space was created for forging and the development of sheet metal forming, cold forming technology.

In 1986 Thomas Klostermann became managing director and with his brothers Martin Klostermann and Christian Klostermann is running the company in 5th generation until today.

The largest press brake in Europe

Our innovative machinery has unique techniques in the area of cutting, cold forming and fine plasma.

We produce at our Castrop-Rauxel location, in an area of 30,000 sqm, of which 10,000 sqm are roofed. The photovoltaic facility installed on the roof supplies the company with power, excess power is fed into the mains. We are specialised in the production of large steel profiles. A unique feature of our family company is the possession of the largest press brake in Europe, with a bending length of 16,100 mm and a compression force of 4,000 tonnes. Other presses can process even parts with a length of up to 20,000 mm and a thickness of 200 mm.

Continuous growth, years of experience, the modern machinery and our staff form the basis allowing to approach individually your wishes and to implement them quickly, accurately and economically.

Otto Klostermann GmbH

Four reasons in favour of Otto Klostermann GmbH

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Flame-cut parts and blanks with most complicated weld preparations are of particular interest for the manufacture in renewable energies such as tripods, jackets and monopolies. Thus a mechanical rework of the weld chamfers is avoided, which can be extremely expensive, especially for large components.
Otto Klostermann GmbH, steel, cutting and cold forming technology is characterised by the exclusive core competence and could not be imitated by any competitor so far, because with our expertise and acquired knowledge we reach the limits of performance of our machines where even the manufacturers throw in the towel.
This core capability leads to a sustainable advantage against our competitors because only we can produce complex welds with abrupt chamfer changes in one operation.

The core capabilities allow a potential access to new markets. Due to this, Otto Klostermann GmbH, has been awarded steel, cutting and cold moulding contracts in the wind energy industry.

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