Laser systems for steel and non-ferrous metals

Laser cutting in super formats


Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a special area of our company alongside bending and plasma cutting.
Otto Klostermann GmbH in Castrop-Rauxel works with one of the cutting-edge laser techniques for the machining of steel and non-ferrous metals. The laser cutting of our machines is high precision and speed. Our laser cutting source guarantees enormous cutting accuracy due to a high laser power. Our laser system uses cutting-edge CO2 laser resonators, laser beam fusion cutting and best optics.

Precise and dimensionally accurate metal sheet blanks made by professionals

With a precise beam quality the thermal influence in the material is reduced to a minimum.
This beam quality is provided over the entire work surface because we can ensure high positioning speeds and precise positioning accuracy. The main advantage of our process is that we use the same tool for both cutting and marking.
Thus, we achieve high process speeds, a very small cutting gap, the edges of which need finally no rework.

Performance characteristics of our laser system

  • up to 22. 000 mm length
  • up to 5.060 mm width
  • up to 15 mm thickness
  • 4 kW