Plasma cutting of steel

Plasma cutting

We have one of the cutting-edge precision plasma beam technologies in the area of contour flame cutting. The range of materials to be processed ranges from structural steels and stainless steels up to non-ferrous metals such as aluminium alloys. Our process provides cutting of steels in large thicknesses.

Advantages of the plasma cutting system from Otto Klostermann

During the plasma cutting the metal is cut by a 30000°C hot arc, which is generated between the material and a tungsten electrode. Therefore the material melts very quickly, and a precise and effective cut is formed by the machine feed and the gas pressure. Our precision plasma beam technology allows high-quality cuts with far-reaching freedom of construction, low surface roughness, small angle deviation and high repetition accuracy. Chamfer cuts for the weld preparation can also be produced with our special equipment.

Equipment of our precision plasma beam system:

  • Plasma system up to 6,800 x 56,000 x 60/100 mm equipped with 2 portals, consisting of 3 chamfering heads +/-45°

  • 1 vertical burner and 2 flame cutting heads

  • Plasma system up to 6,800 x 28,000 x 60 equipped with 2 chamfering heads +/-45 ° and a vertical burner