Products of steel, cutting and cold forming technology

Precise processing for any metal sheet section


The Otto Klostermann GmbH has an innovative and strong machinery to realise any individual and special customer needs.

Our services include

Laser cutting is a special area of our company alongside bending and plasma cutting.

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We have one of the cutting-edge precision plasma beam technologies in the area of contour flame cutting.

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Process of bending is a process of metal sheet forming in which metal sheets are bent by the enormous force into special shapes.

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The Machinery

Our press brakes

Our machinery has ten crane systems five tonnes each and four ten tonnes each (shop floor 1- 4). The warehouse (shop floor 5) has a capacity of 1,740 sqm and two crane systems of up to 32 tonnes and a magnetic traverse. The outdoor space with an open area of 9,000 sqm has a gantry crane with 40 tonnes.

CNC press brake Length Pressing force Depth of gap Distance between columns Thickness
Gigant 16.000 mm 4.000 t 1.200 mm 8.200 mm 200 mm
Dicke Berta 8.000 mm 2.500 t 600 mm 6.250 mm 3-150 mm
Goliath (Tandem) 16.000 mm 3.000 t 1.500 mm 6.300 mm 3-50 mm
Langer Florian (Tridem) 20.000 mm 1.500 t 900 mm - 1-25 mm
David 4.100 mm 225 t 350 mm 3.600 mm 1-10 mm

Other machines

Machines Length Width Thickness
ESAB 4 kW Laser cutting system Up to 26.000 mm Up to 5.200 mm Up to 15 mm
Messer Precision plasma beam system Up to 56.000 mm Up to 6.800 mm Up to 60 mm
Messer Autogenous Flame-cutting machine Up to 28.000 mm Up to 6.800 mm Up to 100 mm